The Editor – A Poem

The Editor – A Poem

I am the master of your destiny,

The destroyer of your world,

The thief who robs your sentences,

So your story won’t be told.


I am the cutter of your scene,

The one who stopped your character short,

I am the one who killed the hero,

And now his lesson won’t be taught.


I am the bridge between your fantasy,

And the deadline looming near,

I am the one who’ll bring you closer,

To that blooming, frustrated tear.


The catcher of your spelling mistake,

The one who finds your double-spaces.

The mover of your apostrophe,

Trying your words in other places.


I am a necessary evil,

That you’ll put off ’till the end.

I am part of your self-loathing,

Although I’ve tried to be your friend.


I can give you time to do it,

But only you can take it forward.

I am hard work and I know it,

But with hard work comes reward.