Is Star Wars Overload Even Possible?

Is Star Wars Overload Even Possible?

**I’m not a heartless bastard so this post contains no spoilers**

I, like many fans throughout the world, have spent the last two weeks completely immersed in the Star Wars universe. Firstly by re-watching all of the films in preparation for the new one and then eagerly watching The Force Awakens on Thursday.

So here are some things I’ve learned:

  1. It is always ok to skip Episode 1 and no one will judge you for it. Seriously.
  2. A marriage can survive the age old argument on which is better; Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi.
  3. The Kylo Ren 3D glasses make me look like Kanye West. Kylo West:Kanye Ren
  4. Toddlers are old enough for lightsaber duels. 
  5. Toddlers will bite the foam lightsabers.
  6. The FX lightsabers have gone up so much in value that I wouldn’t let my four year old niece touch them.
  7. You can now buy a Kylo Ren FX lightsaber. Buy it here.
  8. You cannot get hold of a Mace Windu purple lightsaber for love nor money.
  9. I should have bought them all when they were £40 a pop.
  10. I have awesome friends; one of them even took the day off to avoid the post film discussion with me.
  11. The fan theories are driving me insane. I have no idea who to believe.
  12. BB8 sold out on Amazon within hours of the film hitting cinemas.
  13. I want the BB8 app controlled droid so badly that I’ve turned into Verruca Salt.
  14. I neglected to tell my dad about the price of said droid when he was shopping for it in London and received this text in response:Text
  15. I am apparently the go-to fan girl in my family and all questions seem to be coming in my direction: Convo snip
  16. My circle of friends has and will see it more than once. Some of them in the same day.
  17. There are loads of fun things to watch online. Like this.
  18. The Holiday Special is not one of them…for the love of god do not watch it.






Christmas Shopping on Etsy

Christmas Shopping on Etsy

**Snoopy family members and friends. You will not find details of your Christmas presents here…move along please.**

I declared that I had finished my Christmas shopping about two weeks too early this year. This then prompted a victory call to my sister who then proceeded to tell me about how thoughtful all of her Christmas presents were. Mine were done, but they could in no way be considered ‘thoughtful’. However those of your with siblings will understand that rivalry is ever present and with my family this is never more true than at Christmas. Therefore my sister could not win.

Cue Etsy.

I had used Etsy like a drug addict whilst planning my wedding though I confess I hadn’t used it much since then. However since it seemed that this year my mailbox was only to be filled with bargain, though somewhat soulless, gifts it seemed to be a good place to turn to. Within minutes of being back on the site I had found amazing Christmas jumpers like this one:

Christmas Jumper

Click here to buy

Look how beautiful this scarf is and the packaging was equally as beautiful.


Click here to buy

Or if beautifully crafted silverware is more your thing, Etsy can do that:


Click here to buy.

I’d also forgotten how awesome the store owners are on Etsy. They’re always willing to talk to you and make amendments if needs be. My new favourite store would definitely be IceMaidens, who not only had the nicest packaging out of any of the stores I used but the present I purchased from the store was also here the very next day. I also really loved the fact that each piece description tells you a little bit about how it was made which was really important to the gift recipient.

A truly awesome store and a really lovely lady to boot who was kind enough to tell me a bit more about her store when asked:

My main online presence is my Etsy shop at

but I also have a presence on Facebook Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram

I opened my shop in earnest about a year ago and it has slowly attracted attention…. and in the last 3 or 4 months it has really taken off! I’m so busy now and very pleased that my products are being bought from wonderful customers all over the world. I’m not much use at promoting my work, so I’d be absolutely delighted to be mentioned on your blog and thank you so much.

Best wishes again
Gladrags (Helen)

So if you’re short of a few thoughtful gifts this year then please do think about the smaller business owners on Etsy. The work is fantastic and I’ve always found the service to be quick, easy, and well packaged.


Have Your Cake-Like Thing and Eat It

Have Your Cake-Like Thing and Eat It

Good news. I have found a new diet. You can eat as much as you want, the range is vast, and there are no calories involved. That’s right NO calories. This isn’t because you aren’t counting them, this is because they simply do not exist in this diet.

If you like margarine then this is the one for you, this whole range shares 27 common ingredients!

I mean look at all the choices:

And the flavours! So tasty:

Are you the kind of person who likes to drink milkshakes on your diet? They do that!:

Chocolate Milkshake

More of an out and out stuff your face with delicious things? Try spooning in some cookie dough:

Cookie Dough

Or a lavender cupcake?

Lavender Cupcake

A once dusted fondant? Because a twice dusted fondant would just be fucking greedy.

Once Dusted Fondant

Something to cleanse your pallet? Try the sorbet; it’s to die for:


And let’s face it, eating paint would probably kill you. Seriously Dulux, paint isn’t food; don’t make it sound so God damn delicious.

For reference no paint was used in the making of this cake:

His Time is Near

I have waited for him for months and our time together is now only hours away. Today my anticipation is a very physical thing, my heart beats more intensely when I think about it, my lips are dry and sting when I wet them, and butterfly wings make my stomach startle with each flutter. I am so excited.

My love for this man, if he truly is a man, is about more than just his looks; it is about his very soul. I would recognise it in any guise and frequently I have to adjust to his changing appearance. Lately my playlists are filled with songs that remind me of our time together and of our ups and downs. Muray Gold your recent spike on Spotify is my doing. My search history is littered with the evidence of my stalking, his face in the previews, the adventures we’ll go on. My childhood hero, my moral role model; The Doctor.

At 7.40 this evening a Tardis will appear in my living room and he will whisk me off through space and time. That chick Clara will try and come between us but apparently she’s off soon so that’s fine. Maybe we’ll go fetch Pond?

As the whirring starts I won’t be frightened, he’ll protect me and reasonably the Weaping Angels can’t be everywhere (can they?). As much as I’ve thought so his so too have I thought of them and my REM sleep has been quite disturbed let me tell you.

So come on Time Lord we’re waiting for you!!