My music taste, though varied, is something that my husband completely understands. So when he recommends an album to me I know that I’ll like it and this one was no exception.

Ryan Adams has been on my husband’s radar for quite some time although I confess not on mine. So when he told me to check this album out I thought that Brian Adams had covered an entire Taylor Swift album. This resulted in a rather impressive impression of Brian Adams singing Shake it Off. Go on picture it.

As luck would have it this album was recommended to me on a day when I was off work writing so I could play it really loud and encase myself in musical/writing bliss and what euphoria it was. It’s no secret that I am Taylor Swift fan, I don’t listen to a lot of pop but I admire Taylor as a lyricist and I think that this cover album vindicates me in this regard. I discovered 1989 at the same time as my twelve year old niece and we like to trade theories on who certain songs are written about (FYI Style is totally about Harry Styles) and I confess I do love this album. I didn’t even mind paying for it even though I am a Spotify junkie, #paytay. So I was excitedly optimistic about someone covering the entire album and I wasn’t disappointed.

Ryan’s voice has a very distinct Springstein feel to it throughout the album and the way he sings some of songs such as I Wish You Would and Wildest Dreams adds a masculine touch to the songs that paints them in a whole new light for me. I’ve been told that Ryan wanted to record something completely different after his divorce and those emotions do paint the songs in a new and interesting light. On the other hand his cover of Welcome to New York, the album’s opening track, blasts out with new and unimaginable rocky tones forcing Taylor Swift fans to realise that this will be different. Different it is, but so good.

This is the perfect cross over album for me but I’ve recommended it to scores of people already for completely different reasons. To my audiofile friends because this is an excellently produced album, to my fellow Swifties, and to my dad because he likes Spingstein and how much would it freak my niece out it he knew all the words to Bad Blood?

Now I’m recommending it to you and I hope you give it a go. You won’t regret it.

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