The Book That Bleeds As I Do

I thought that writing the book was the hard part. I was wrong.

To have written a book is an amazing achievement, I have been told this many times, and whilst I am grateful for the support I find myself wishing to be back in the safe waters of an unfinished manuscript. The sea in which I now wade is a mystery to me. The water is dark and I can’t see my toes. I’m throwing myself into this ocean without a clear path. I don’t know where I’m swimming to and all of the small debris that I can cling on to eventually seems to weigh me down. This is because confusion is heavy and those ‘helpful’ books are not helping me at all.

The edit itself is a painstaking task that was not nearly as rewarding as the first draft and in a fitful state yesterday I was advised to bite the bullet and send it off for a Beta read. Having done this I now feel the pressure has alleviated slightly in that I can not do nothing else with it until I get it back. I know that there will be small errors in there that I should have caught but at least I have stopped hacking my book to pieces.

So whilst I continue to tread these waters it would be nice to know if anywhere is else is out there? When I crest the next wave will I see you? Will you show me the way to land? Will we just find solace in the fact that we are not alone in the sea? If you’ve been here before or are here at the moment I would love to hear from you and if I find an island before you do I’ll start working on that raft.

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