Writing to Music

I know just as many writers who write to music as I do those that don’t. Some people need complete silence to write, some (like me) write to music, and I’m sure that there are also those rare people who  can write in a room full of noise and distractions. This last beast I’ve never met but if you find one, or if you are one, point them in my direction; I would love to pick their brains.

I have playlists for every project and I don’t think I could bare to get rid of any of them. I also like to make my playlists collaborative on Spotify. This allows anyone who follows me on there to add to my playlists. This might sound risky but in reality I found it beneficial and I have this rare middle ground of friends who read my work, and friends who love music, adding their influences to my work. I should say a big thank you to Marisa May here who has lately become my personal DJ.

As well as playlists I also have favourite artists and albums that delve in and out of my desires as the  need arises. In my opinion some albums need to be listened to as a complete piece of artwork. The Maccabees’ Given to the Wild for instance, who could bare to split that album up? Each song flows beautifully into the next and the album as a whole invokes powerful imagery in my work.

A recent favourite of mine is The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness. I was quite late in my discovery of this artist so I was pleasantly surprised by how much of his work I already knew. Those of you who have seen Fifty Shades of Grey will recognise the Worth It track, those of you who haven’t seen it well done! Also on the radio at the minute are Can’t Feel my Face and The Hills. So if you’re afraid of new music this one is not threatening.

If you find lyrics distracting to write to then Bear McCreary’s Outlander OST is an amazing album. Written for fantasy fiction come to life Outlander is the TV adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s book series of the same name. The series itself is just as good as the books so please watch it, currently available on Amazon Prime. Bear McCreary also did the scores for the Battlestar Galactica saga another amazing adventure in music.

So tell me your favourite albums or tracks and send me on new journeys. Feel free to follow me on Spotify, daughterjudy101, and recommend your favourite writing tracks.

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