His Time is Near

I have waited for him for months and our time together is now only hours away. Today my anticipation is a very physical thing, my heart beats more intensely when I think about it, my lips are dry and sting when I wet them, and butterfly wings make my stomach startle with each flutter. I am so excited.

My love for this man, if he truly is a man, is about more than just his looks; it is about his very soul. I would recognise it in any guise and frequently I have to adjust to his changing appearance. Lately my playlists are filled with songs that remind me of our time together and of our ups and downs. Muray Gold your recent spike on Spotify is my doing. My search history is littered with the evidence of my stalking, his face in the previews, the adventures we’ll go on. My childhood hero, my moral role model; The Doctor.

At 7.40 this evening a Tardis will appear in my living room and he will whisk me off through space and time. That chick Clara will try and come between us but apparently she’s off soon so that’s fine. Maybe we’ll go fetch Pond?

As the whirring starts I won’t be frightened, he’ll protect me and reasonably the Weaping Angels can’t be everywhere (can they?). As much as I’ve thought so his so too have I thought of them and my REM sleep has been quite disturbed let me tell you.

So come on Time Lord we’re waiting for you!!


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